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    Enrober Belt
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    ENROBER CONVEYOR BELT APPLICATION Snacks Industries , Meat Industries Fish Industries , Candy Industries Pizzas Industries , Small Potatoes Industries Bread Industries, Chocolate Industries Vegetables Industries, Biscuits Industries Pastry Industries , Nuts and Fruits Industries HOW TO ORDER 1) METAL 2) MESH PITCH 3) LARGE SPECING 4) WIRE DIA 5) LOCK SPECING 6) TEMP IF 7) WIDTH 8) LENGTH 9) QTY :
    Perforated Sheet
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    Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt Ltd Is One Of The Leading Manufacturing Companies In Asia . That Can Perforate Material Of Thickness From 0.50 To 25 Mm In Plate Size Of 2000 X 4000 mm (Max) And Coils Of Width 1220 Mm(Max) On Metals Like Mild Steel, Galvanize(G I),Stainless Steel 300 &400 Series ,Copper, Bras And Aluminum. Perforated Metal Application Use To Make Server Racks, Use In Tea Industry, Automobiles Creating Light Effects Laundry Equipment - Washing Machines And Many More. Agricultural Equipment, Ceiling Tiles, Stairways, Grills, Furniture - Chairs, Table Tops, Display Surfaces Or Shelves, Acoustical Insulation - To Absorb Sound , Food Industry-Flour Mills, Sugar Mills, Bakery, Malt Mills, Rice Milling Lighting Fixtures Filters - Industrial, Different Patterns Of Apertures Can Be Produced As Follows . The Shapes That Can Be Perforated Are: Round Rectangular Square Conical (Capsule) Herringbone Triangular Hexagonal Embossed Stabbed Hole Diamond HOW TO ORDER 1) Metal Detail.(In Which Metal You Need) 2) Thickness Of Sheet. 3) Hole Dia In Mm. ( Hole Size) 4) Pitch (Distance Between Two Hole Center To Center) In Mm . 5) Cross Pitch 6) Size Of Sheet Length X Width 7) Hole Pattern 8) Border
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    Laktas wire mesh pvt ltd is conveyor belt manufacturing company of creative woven metal wire mesh conveyor belting products. As a Indian premier fabricator and exporter, Laktas Belt caters to a variety of industries like food stuff, chemical industry, furnace and other industrial and commercial uses, with its superior quality metal belt, wire belt, chain link belt, and conveyor belts. We invite you to view our products pages, and learn how Laktas Belt can meet your needs. ROLLER CHAIN SELVEDGE Specificaion: Conveyor belt to suit pitch of the roller chain used. Roller Chain 1/2”, 3/4” ,1”, 2” pitch or as per customer need. Application: Designed for high speed Sprocket drive with a balanced weave belt. This belt used for conveying small and medium sized components. HOW TO ORDER 1. METAL OF CONSTRUCTION 2. SPIRAL PITCH 3. CROSS PITCH 4. SPIRAL WIRE DIA 5. METAL OF CHAIN 6. CHAIN PITCH 7. CHAIN TYPE 8. CROSS ROD DIA 9. METAL OF CROSS ROD