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Laktas Wire is the Leading Leading Manufacturer, Exporterand Suppliers of Conveyor Belts such as Conveyor Belt, Wire Conveyor Belt, Duplex Conveyor Belt, Ss310 Conveyor belt and Ss304 Conveyor belt from Bhandari Cross Lane, Masjid Bunder, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Laktas wire mesh pvt ltd is Enrober belt leading manufacturing company in India . we have expertise team for manufacturing food grade wire mesh conveyor belting products. science 1980 we serving food industry by providing technically perfect belt . Our belt is unique in the world of metal conveyor belts with perfection and quality . Based on decades of experience, our skilled and qualified teams available to solve your technical problem and suggest you a right product. ENROBER CONVEYOR BELT APPLICATION Snacks Industries , Meat Industries Fish Industries , Candy Industries Pizzas Industries , Small Potatoes Industries Bread Industries, Chocolate Industries Vegetables Industries, Biscuits Industries Pastry Industries , Nuts and Fruits Industries HOW TO ORDER 1) METAL 2) MESH PITCH 3) LARGE SPACING 4) WIRE DIA 5) LOCK SPACING 6) TEMP IF 7) WIDTH 8) LENGTH 9) QTY :
conveyor belt with chain & side guard . ss 304 conveyor belt with side guard . we manufacture this heavy duty belt science 1990 .this product is custom make , as per customer requirement.
flat wire conveyor belt made in ss 304 , 314, 316
Laktas Offer An Extensive Range Of Round , Square , Slotted And Decorative Perforations In Various Metals . Also The New Expanded Metal , Crimp And Wire Conveyor Belt And Ancillary Products Recently Added To Our Range. We Stock A Large Range Of Perforated Sheets For Immediate Delivery.
aluminium expanded metal. this type of panel mainly use for decorative purpose by architect .also use for facade design .
Balanced weave Type LK 17 Specifications 24-12-20-10 24 coils of 12 swg per foot width 20 crimped cross members of 10 swg per foot length. Suitable for glass annealing lehrs.
Laktas wire mesh is leading wire mesh exporter. Our major export to Asia and Arabian country. We also cover domestic market. We are leading manufacturer for wire mesh. This type of wire mesh is heat resistance and use in furnace.
Wire Cloth Is A Woven Fabric Made Up Of Metal Wire. The Wire Cloth Has Square Or Rectangular Openings Depending Upon The End Use Of The Cloth. Wire Cloth Is Available In Different Opening Sizes With Various Ranges Of Wire Diameters. Opening Is Space Between To Horizontal And Vertical Wire Center To Center .Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt Ltd Manufacture Following Type Of Mesh On High Speed Modern Machine With Accuracy .